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FIRE Lifestyle

Financial Independence Retire Early UK

What is financial independence retire early all about? Also known as a 'lifestyle' or 'movement', the goal is simple - save 25x of your yearly expenses in a diversified investment portfolio to then withdraw 4% each year with very little risk of ever running out of money. Originally FIRE became a movement back in 1992 via the 'Your Money or Your Life' book written by Wicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, but since then becoming financially independent is an attractive option and growing trend for many in the UK.

In this blog I document my journey to becoming financially independent, focusing on increasing my savings rate whilst decreasing my expenses. The FIRE movement has psychologically assisted me in making better financial choices, re-wiring the need to 'keep up the Jones' or thinking twice about purchasing unnecessary products. I don't live a frugal lifestyle and look forward to escaping the rat race early and getting back that all important spare time and freedom.

I document life hacks that I've picked up along the way, money saving tips, frugal food, and general views on life and other ramblings.

Financial Independence Retire Early Blog