We all have to start off from somewhere….

I read quite a few financial independence blogs (mainly in the UK) which has led me to giving the blogging scene a go myself. A quick mention to Weenie at Quietlysaving.co.uk and Dan at Pursuefire.com – Both of these blogs I have read back since May / June 2018 when I drew a line in the sand and began the FIRE journey. Thank you to both of them for detailing their story so far.

I’m going to be easing into this a little more subtly than most Financial Independence bloggers around. I’m certainly not up with the lingo, but I am learning and spending time to ensure that I make informed decisions about investing for the future.

I’ve read the Tim Hales – Smarter Investment Decisions book and do refer back to it regularly. I’d thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking to take on this journey going forward. Why? Well the book helps you define your goals, allocate the risk that you’re comfortable with (using a very clever formula) and provides some excellent insight into some guidelines for your future investment decisions.

Current Net Worth

As I’ve mentioned, I’m definitely not a financial advisor and I imagine as the journey continues, my portfolio balance and allocation between the various investments I have will change over time. However, to start things off, this is currently my breakdown of Net Worth;

I’ve taken a look through many calculators and methods to calculate your own Net Worth, with all varying results. I haven’t included depreciating assets such as cars, furniture and so on. Whether that’s a mistake or not do let me know – as much as I’m blogging about this journey is also to receive other peoples thoughts and opinions on various FIRE topics.

For me, I’m going to focus on placing yearly updates on my Net Worth instead of Quarterly / Monthly updates that many other blogs carry out. My reason to this is that I’ll be focusing predominantly most of my updates on the S&S ISA and Stocks.

I’m not too sure yet that I should be jumping in joy at this figure or not > We all start from somewhere!

I am 28 years old currently (2019) soon to be 29 and would hopefully see myself as starting towards the ‘earlier’ end of the scale in the FIRE journey so still have a long way to go.

My next post shall focus on why I’m going down the FIRE lifestyle but also the financial passive income goals I have for my target age of 45 (17 years to go!).