Howdy all! – Back in an earlier post I mentioned how I was setting up an Amazon Affiliate store selling Cement Mixers! Oh yes, not quite the glamour / beauty / fashion industry, but an industry none-the-less which has products that are relatively expensive and a high search frequency of users who look for them. It is of course –

So how far what have we done / worked on??

Well you may know that I work in the SEO industry. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – essentially, it is about making changes to your website in both an on-site and off-site fashion in ways and manners that Google see you being a website worthwhile display near the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Part of my Amazon Affiliate website has saw me;

  • Generate fresh, relevant content for every single cement mixer going (Oh boy, this was a sure mundane and tedious task!)
  • Generate SEO friendly [title] tags and [heading] tags (the two most important on-site elements)
  • Implement new products onto the website using ‘WZone’ WordPress Plugin (very easy to use – well worth the investment)
  • Link building activities on relevant sources such as construction forms, construction blogs etc.

Amongst many other improvements and tweaks that have been made! Today I’m reporting on the improvements we’ve seen from an organic ranking perspective. As like I mentioned in my previous post, the website ranked for absolutely nothing! (Of course, it was a brand new website and in Google’s eyes, they will look at websites that are newly registered in less favorable manners). Well, I’m pleased to report that we have seen some impressive ranking improvements since we began! (Take a look at the below table);

The first column of the above table illustrates the number of people search for the phrase listed on that specific row. For example, take ‘Switzer Cement Mixers’ (which is 5 phrases down from the top). This search phrase has 30 searches per month (this means on average, 1 person per day is searching this phrase on Google). Currently, ranks in position 21 (the third column). This represents the website ranking on page 3 of Google due to the way that Google breaks down their ranking results on each page. For example, when you search for something on Google, most of the time you will have 10 organic listings displayed in front of you. This means positional rankings that occur between 1 and 10 means you rank on the first page of Google for that phrase. Then, if you navigate to the 2nd page (which 97% of searches don’t) those positions start from 11 – 20 and third page 21 – 30 and so on.

This means then for this phrase, given that we’re in position 21, we’re on page 3 when you type in ‘Switzer Cement Mixers’. Ok great! It’s great to see progression and improvement in SEO since when we looked back at the original post, all of these phrases weren’t on the first 10 pages of Google!

In terms of affiliate statistics, nothing to report yet in terms of new sales / clicks. See below;

To my surprise however, some kind soul has bought The Fast Slow Pro on my ‘Money Saving Products‘ page of the website earning me ?10.52 in Amazon commission! Thank you ever so much for this and I hope the Fast Slow Pro totally revolutionizes your way of cooking lunches and saving you money in the long-run! I’ve had mine for over 2 years now and I use it at-least 3-4 times a week (at a minimum!).

Anyway, that’s it folks. Hope this helps and let me know your thoughts / comments about what you would like to hear more about regarding the affiliate Amazon store!