Just a quick update; I’ve managed to hit the ?20,000 ISA limit investment for 2018/2019 tax year! Huzzah! This beautiful box presented within the Vanguard Dashboard.

Given that the FIRE Lifestyle is still very new to me at my age and current stage, the satisfaction of achieving / hitting off some of these goals is truly fab, edging that bit closer to achieving the overall objective.

Of course, I’ve now updated my Goals page with a big fat [DONE] next to this goal and we’re now onto the next! Here’s the remainder of my goals for 2019;

  • Achieve an average savings rate of?45% throughout the year. (shall be reviewing this in April whether I’ll need to raise this to 60%!)
  • Achieve a dividend income of ?1000pa (to be re-invested of course!)
  • Achieve ?1,500pa via side hustles (and to learn the ways / methods ? I started in 2019)
  • Purchase a ?50,000 flat under a BTL agreement
  • Purchase my recommended stocks based on diverse, buy and hold strategy.

Onwards and upwards they say! However, before I shoot, you may be asking what about 2019/2020 goals ISA limit? I’ve added that to the bottom of the list of my goals page. I probably should’ve added this goal to 2020 or added the goal I’ve just ticked off to 2018 targets, but I don’t think it matters (it’s an achievement none the less!).