It’s been just a little over a 2.5 months since we began this journey and we’re starting to see some good traction with the Cement Shop! For any new readers, I work in the SEO industry, ranking websites on Google. Mainly B2B websites in a broad range of industries from telecoms to grass cutting. The smaller businesses I tend to find more enjoyable because the mid-sized clients tends to involve nonsense office politics!

I let the results do the preaching as unfortunately the industry is full of hot fluff most of the time with many so called ‘guru’s’ promising pink Lamborghini’s and mansions whilst delivering bugger all. Even though I work predominantly on technical SEO, I am in-fact relatively new to affiliate marketing – I did dabble a good few years ago, but nothing serious.

So where are we?

Well we’re doing pretty well actually in the grand scheme of things! There are some relatively large phrases that we are now on the first page of Google for including;

  • Electric Cement Mixers (1,440 Searches P/M)
  • Concrete Mixers (2,040 Searches P/M)
  • Cement Mixers (9,230 Searches P/M)

Can’t grumble at that – even though most of these positions are at the bottom of the first page where less than 2% of searches relates to a visitor (oh yes, we are all incredibly lazy eyed and search trends illustrate it’s getting even worse!). Click through rate based on organic ranking position (1st page) does vary from industry to industry. On average, 33% of users who search for ‘XYZ’ click on the first organic ranking position. Position 2 represents on average 18% click through rate and position 3 represents 12% average CTR.

Though it does depend on the industry! For example, weight loss (which holds desperation type buying habits) holds more even click through rates down organic positions as users search for the next ‘fat burning’ method.

“Most” people online read headlines now-a-days and bullet points (summaries) instead of digging into the detail – are you one of these people? (I certainly am!)

Results for May (so far)

In total this month (May), we have recorded;

  • 43 Clicks
  • 5 Ordered Items
  • ?24.99 Commission
  • Conversion: 11.63%

Considering throughout the entirety of April our stats were;

  • 67 Clicks
  • 2 Ordered Items
  • ?19.96 Commission
  • Conversion: 2.99%

We can definitely see some progression! We may even make our first ?100 in commission this month if the stats grow as they are! (Looking to be more like ?50 for the month). Here’s the graph for the last 30 days;

All in all, very pleased with the progress. This income as well is truly passive! Well, in-fact that is a slight lie as I had to remove the phone number from the website as I had 3 customers calling up to try and place an order over the phone! Mainly old chaps who didn’t quite have the confidence to place online. Now with the phone number removed and only dealing with emails on the odd day.

Final Thought?

I’ve had a quick chat with Saving Ninja over at regarding looking at seeing if anyone wanted some private SEO coaching for any side hustles that you may be involved in? Would anyone be interested in having a review of their own website? Perhaps ways to help monetize your own website?