Howdy all! If you didn’t know already, I do like to get out in the garden as it helps to escape the dread of staring at a screen all day long. It is also super relaxing, very rewarding and most importantly, helps greatly towards the environment! I do eventually plan to get some chickens in, towards the end of this year once the hectic summer is out of the way, but that’s for another post.

So back in April of this year I posted a picture of how the garden looked after a few months of constructing some raised beds together. Here it is;

The Vegetable Garden – April 2019

However since then with all of the wet weather and sunshine that we’ve been having here in the UK, things have really turned into a jungle!

Vegetable Garden – June 2019

You can really see how things have come on! Particularly the carrots (which is the closest to the picture) and the broad beans (the plants with the purple flowers on them). However, even though everything is growing at a fantastic rate, I am super impressed with my potatoes! Particularly the grow bags which I mentioned back in April. These have done so so well and it’s probably the best first harvest I’ve had from them ever!

To put this into perspective take a look at the below;

Potato Grow Bag – Haul 1#

The grow bag on the right is where all of these potatoes came from. Now I know what you’re thinking – What are those purple spots on the potatoes?! These are called ‘Kestrel’ potatoes and the supermarkets I don’t believe sell them. Essentially those purple spots are formed naturally by antioxidants called ‘anthocyanin’, which are also found in blueberries! (This doesn’t mean you can now eat potatoes over blueberries :P) but these purple spots are completely natural and safe to eat!

In total, for a packet of seed potatoes, a couple of grow bags and some compost (that’s literally all you really need to get going), you’d be looking at spending around ?20-?30 one off (for life) and seriously, they are so so easy to grow! Just keep well watered and when the leaves start to turn yellow and/or the flowers from the plant die, it’s time to harvest!