Hoorah! A mini celebration to be held here on the basis that I’ve managed to max out the ISA limit this year!

It’s a real personal achievement for me and I am seriously grateful for being in a position that I am able to max out the ISA in a period of 4 months. Now I feel like the wait until 6 April 2020 is miles away! Kick back and relax right?! Hah, no – all savings each month is going into a mix of my pension contribution and general investment account. The pension contribution side of things will certainly help on the tax bill front come January / February 2020.

I’m ultimately hoping though that either this year or next year Vanguard launch their way overdue pension products. I’m currently with an auto-enrolled pension scheme at work and the returns compared to the likes of a global index tracker have been incredibly poor (sitting at 0.4%) with fee’s just over 1.2% (great to know I’m losing money on this this year!).

How have your experiences been with pension schemes? Any that you would recommend? Are you looking to move over to the likes of Vanguard once they eventually launch theirs?