So 2019 is coming to a close! It only feels like a few months ago since I setup the blog! Jesus, time sure does fly. In-fact, does anyone else have the same feeling as I do – I tend to forget most of the stuff that happened in the summer, but seem to remember the start of the year really well? (Everything in between just seems to go by so fast).

Anyway, at the start of 2019 I set some financial goals to achieve. Let’s remind ourselves of those;

2019 Goals ? Financial Independence

  • Achieve an average savings rate of?55%?(changed in April 2019) throughout the year.
    • [ACHIEVED] I actually managed a savings rate of 58% in the end throughout the entire year which I’m super chuffed about. Never would I have thought I could’ve achieved this previously.
  • Achieve a dividend income of ?1000pa (to be re-invested of course!)
    • [MISSED] I actually managed to rake in ?784 in dividends, just missing the target of ?1000. However, I have mentioned throughout the last few financial update posts that I won’t be pursuing a ‘dividend investing’ type strategy no longer, whilst instead focusing on index funds.
  • Achieve ?1,500pa via side hustles (and to learn the ways / methods ? I started in 2019)
    • [ACHIEVED]?I actually managed to generate over ?3,444 on the dot in terms of side hustles from the web shop (cement mixers) to B365 and Google Adsense.?
  • Purchase a ?50,000 flat under a BTL agreement
    • [MISSED] But I’m kind of glad that I have. Following on from the new tax laws in the UK bought in for property BTL investors the market is now not as lucrative as it once was. Plus reading some of the horror stories and how many are exiting the rental market currently did put me off somewhat. Not to totally poo poo BTL market as I’m sure there are lots of people that know the full ins and outs to make it work, but I’m going to stick to what I know / focusing on.?
  • Purchase my recommended stocks based on diverse, buy and hold strategy.?
    • [ACHIEVED]?But not necessarily a ‘good’ achievement. Carnival and Imperial Brands are around 22% down for both, which has made a slight dent into the total capital of stocks and shares investment. Once these grow back to original levels, I shall investigate moving most of my Stocks and Shares based investments into those index funds.?
  • Setup WordPress Blog and blog regularly about my FIRE Journey (I think i?ve managed to do this!)?
    • [ACHIEVED] Hoorah! I wouldn’t have been able to post all of these ramblings if I didn’t have one!
  • Invest ?20,000 maximum ISA limit by April-2019.
    • [ACHIEVED]?A core focus for my investment strategy each year is to maximize my ISA’s as soon as humanly possible!?
  • Invest ?20,000 maximum ISA limit by April 2020.
    • [ACHIEVED]?A core focus for my investment strategy each year is to maximize my ISA’s as soon as humanly possible!?

Overall out of the 8 goals set for 2019 I achieved 6 and missed out on 2. Not too bad, but given the market situation, one of the two I have missed out on (a BTL flat / agreement) I’m kind of glad as I’m totally new to this area. The dividend income I’m positive that come 2020 I’ll be able to achieve the ?1000 pa mark!

In a separate post I’ll be working on some financial goals for 2020.

Merry Christmas all and have a happy new year. See you in 2020 and lets keep each other motivated in saving for a prosperous future!