At time of writing this blog post, Christmas and New Years has whizzed on by! Back at work, writing this from my desk.

Christmas was very good as per usual – we deck the halls with boughs of holly and all that, had the family over and saw relatives. Great to spend some downtime over the festive period as work was getting on top of me.

Now in the new year, I get that new / inspired confidence to do more and essentially become more motivated. Sleeping patterns and coming back on track again and a new found focus with the business is re-igniting itself. It’s pretty tough running a business – there are definitely more positives than negatives, but the negatives are much harder / intense that usual day to day work. One for me, is actively being able to switch off at the end of a days work – it’s damn hard.

But anyway, how have those savings been doing for the last month of 2019?

Value of Investments

Here?s the total value of investments to date across all accounts;

Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19 May-19 Jun-19
??17,919 ??24,666 ??29,873 ??37,687 ??41,400 ??48,743
Jul-19 Aug-19 Sep-19 Oct-19 Nov-19 Dec-19
??58,104 ??60,882 ??68,509 ??73,577 ??79,553 ??88,075

Seriously impressive stuff! Almost increased by ?10,000 in a month – this is predominantly my Index Funds I have with Vanguard, invested in the FTSE Global All World diversified across 6,000 stocks. I imagine the additional Christmas spending has propped up the markets in December.

I’m so very close now to reaching that ?100,000 mark – looking forward to this day! All I have to do then is do that another 9 times and hey presto, we should be there! (haha!)

Here are some stats on income / expenditure side of things;

Total Income: ?8,000
Total Saved (?): ?4,000.00
Total Expenses: ?4,000.00

Savings (%):?50%

I’m actually quite happy about that, given that in this month I’ve had to begin advanced payments for self assessment tax / tax bill that is due in February. Upon writing this post, I’ve got less than ?5,000 to pay in total (after clearing quite a hefty chunk) so quite pleased with that.

Anyway, how are those graphs looking??

Have had quite a healthy bounce back from the shares side of things! Carnival and Imperial Brands have both seen some bounce backs, making the ‘loss’ (which isn’t essentially a loss until I sell) closer to what I’ve put in. However, realistically I’ve obtained over ?1,000 in dividends from these shares in 2019 (which have been reinvested of course!). I’ll be looking to just in continuing to reinvest dividends that are held within these stocks in 2020.