Put simply, i’m absolutely loving it!

One of the best investments I’ve made for personal finances that delivers real impact both in psychological form and financial. I shall explain;

  • Financial Benefit 1#: Knowing that it only costs ?1.48 to drive 75 miles puts a smile on my face every time.
  • Financial Benefit 2#: Electric cars very rarely go wrong – MOT / Services are considerably cheaper (bar from breaks / tyres etc).
  • Financial Benefit 3#: There’s a whole bunch of FREE charging points dotted around the local area. From Gym’s to Shopping Centres. Free travel! (The picture above is at a Shopping Centre charging for free!)

Casually charging up at a fast charge (50kwh) point. Total cost was around ?1.80!

Financially, so far since I’ve owned the van, I’ve saved from anywhere between ?80 – ?100 in fuel costs. Realistically, we’re looking at around ?200 p/m of fuel cost savings using the van (even taking into account the electricity cost). It doesn’t end there though, psychologically I’ve also felt an uplift;

  • Psychological Benefit 1#: It feels like you’re ahead of the game. Knowing of the financial benefit puts you in a good mood.
  • Psychological Benefit 2#: It teaches you to appreciate economical driving. It’s also got me hooked on trying to maximise range per charge.
  • Psychological Benefit 3#: This point can be argued about the whole ‘battery creation’ process, but it is more environmentally friendly. (Better if they could improve the battery waste).

So far, I really cannot fault the van. It does between 70 – 80 miles per charge. It’s extremely quiet. It’s very comfortable with heated steering wheels / heated seats. I love driving it – it’s perfect for me 40 mile round trip to work and back every day. It’s great to go see friends / family for free (and most of the time charge the van up at their house cheekily!).

Any questions about it please shout!