Howdy all!

Well February sure did shoot on by? Blink and it was gone! Did anyone else feel the same? It’s been horrible here in the UK – rain rain and more rain! I think the majority of people are now fed up with the typical British weather and so far in March (as I write this post) it does seem to be picking up!

What this means is that we’ll be soon planting some seeds out for the garden! Whoop!?

February has been quite a turbulent month. The business is growing from strength to strength and we seem to have hit a period of boom again with new enquiries / clients (some pretty big ones as well). The media is blowing up about Coronavirus and so are the markets. I was pushing so hard to have February 2020 as the month I achieve ?100,000 in Index Funds (Vanguard) and low and behold Corona hits and well, it’ll probably be a few months until they rebound. (Though a good time to buy at least!)

Value of Investments

Here?s the total value of investments to date across my Index Funds and Stocks and Shares;

Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19 May-19 Jun-19
£17,919 £24,666 £29,873 £37,687 £41,400 £48,743
Jul-19 Aug-19 Sep-19 Oct-19 Nov-19 Dec-19
£58,104 £60,882 £68,509 £73,577 £79,553 £88,075
Jan-20 Feb-20 Mar-20 Apr-20 May-20 Jun-20
£88,597 £92,293

A gain of ?3,696 during the month. You may be thinking, “crikey that’s good progress” – wait until you read on the income / savings side of things:

Total Income: £19,000
Total Saved (?): £13,000
Total Expenses: £6,000

Savings (%): 65%

I put ?13,000 into my Index Funds (Vanguard) account in February following a company bonus. The majority of my income for this month went on to pay for the tax bill (an additional ?4,000) and ?2,000 on the usual expenses. Realistically, my actual expenses such as living / mortgage / typical monthly costs are less than ?2,000 (come to the point when the tax bill hits, it’s another story). I also withdrew ?3,000 out of my stocks and shares ISA and currently have that ready to be invested in March (into Index Funds).

My reasoning behind this is because I don’t have the skill set, knowledge or know how on how to really make the most out of active investing. Once Imperial Brands begins to pickup I am also thinking of doing the same.

Anyway, how are those graphs looking?

[uberchart id=”1″]

I’ve upgraded the chart! Now we can see exactly what’s going on across all of the various savings / investments that I have. The Grey Dots represent the total pot of savings that I have in investments. This excludes my Premium Bonds and Pension (so only my Index Funds, S&S ISA and General Stocks and Shares account).

I’m going to be doing exactly the same as I have been doing every month (keep working towards a savings rate of around 60% and continue to save hard.

Here’s to the next month!