Howdy folks!

Are we all enjoying the sunny weather or stuck in a sweltering hot office? We’re now back to the office this end (only skeleton staff though) and fortunately we’re blessed with a small air-con unit, which makes working that little bit more pleasant.

I snapped a few pictures of the garden the other morning for those that are interested. See below gallery of images;

In other news I’ve had a go at making some low carb bread! Followed a recipe on Reddit (which is amazing for recipes) – I’m currently following the Keto lifestyle at the moment which is working really well for me as I’m a bit of a carb lover (could smash sausage rolls / cornish pasties all day).

However my first attempt at making this low carb bread (the recipe is quite the concoction! – vital wheat gluten, inulin, protein powder etc etc) was a relatively good success, but it came out to be literally MASSIVE. Welcome to the ‘bulbous bread of 2020’.

We couldn’t stop laughing at the size of it – perhaps a little too much yeast?

Anyway, hope everyone is keeping safe and well and you’re continuing to save well for FIRE!