Howdy folks – A little late on this post / update on this one! Work has been crazy these last few weeks with new clients returning to growth, socially distanced desks and hand sanitizer on every wall, at the age of 30 I’ve noticed quite a few more grey hairs come through! (Not too sure how I feel about that at this age already haha.) Though office banter has soon led me to being called the ‘Young Silver Fox’.

Weather wise here in the UK, it’s been absolutely bonkers. From Storms to blisteringly hot sunshine. In-fact, it was the hottest recorded month in August 2020 since the last 17 years according to the BBC. It even led me to purchase an air conditioning unit > This is the one I purchased for about £250. It has been an absolute life saver given that the bedrooms in our house are essentially in the top eaves of the roof.

July 2020 – Investment

The stock market has seemed to have stabilised at bit. Coronavirus is starting to sound like it’s getting under control and investors are gaining inspiration to put their monies back into the markets. Unfortunately I can’t really say that there’s been a huge SURGE or CHAOS on my side of things >> The two most used adjectives by the UK’s national press to basically describe everything now-a-days as I’ve been continuing to keep calm and carry on. 

Each month just putting in what I can afford into the Index funds.

A slow and steady improvement of around £2,600 compared to the month previous. Not too bad given that there was some stock market fluctuation occurring. How are those saving numbers looking?

Total Income: £7,368.00
Total Saved (?): £4,425.00
Total Expenses: £2,943.00

Savings (%): 60%

Well I’m pretty chuffed at that with a savings rate of 60%! July saw a few credit card payments / MOT & Car Service (£800) and a handyman to help clean out the gutters of our house. The usual sorts of bits and bobs with Mortgage payment (around £1,000 p/m) I don’t think that is too bad going for me!

July 2020 – The Garden

A few snaps from the garden – mainly the fruit tree’s that we bought when we first bought the house. We’ve had some relatively good success from the Apple and Plum tree. The Cherry tree has struggled though this year for us – perhaps the super hot weather earlier in the year had stunted it’s growth?

That’s it folks! Happy saving – now that work has started to calm down a little, the next post won’t be as late as this one!