I would’ve thought given the Coronavirus situation that this year was going to be tough and sure, it has been. The bags under my eyes are almost touching the floor. Working through the nights, pulling a lot of unpaid overtime, keeping clients as sweet as possible. I am so so grateful of the position that I’m in even with all of these extra stresses and hope that I don’t lose any connection from the life before the business starting as a Junior Marketing Assistant on around £13,000 p/a salary working at a construction company!! A real eye opener to the working life seeing people sacked on the spot, office politics rampant and drama ready to pounce at any opportunity!!

Anyway, here’s a quick screen grab to mark a personal achievement!

It’s taken slightly longer this year to fill up the ISA – It was July 2019 when I wrote this post, so even though it’s 1 month later I’m still pretty chuffed!