Howdy folks! I’m going to try and keep this post positive, given the current situation here. Crikey, only 20 days late! Well, you know what they say, better late than never! (Which, did you know, that saying ‘better late then never’ was first recorded in 1200. It appeared in several collections of English proverbs.)

For readers outside of the UK, the government have just given the order that from Thursday 5th that we’ll be entering another national lockdown to curb the increase in coronavirus cases. It’s going to be real tough for businesses again over the course of the winter months and can only hope that most muscle through out to the other end. Fortunately the business seems to continue on muscling through, even though pressure and workload has increased.

Work wise we’re continuing to to be busy, which we’re very grateful and are contemplating whether we should keep our office – given that we have barely used it over the course of the last 3-4 months! I certainly know of the benefits / negatives of working from home – that separation from work and home becomes even harder. I remember when I first setup, the first year I operated the phones, websites, client management all from a tiny spare bedroom, working on 1 computer screen!

October 2020 | Investment

How are those investments looking?

Everything seems to be going on up in the right direction. I’m sure the US elections have had some sway in the positive movements of the stock market. As I write this I have actually hit a bit of a milestone (but soon will be revealed in a separate post).

How are those figures looking?

Total Income: £8,868.00
Total Saved (?): £5,375.00
Total Expenses: £3,493.00

Savings (%): 61%

It’s just a short one for month of October. The dark nights are creeping up and the last of the vegetables have been taken out of the garden.

Here’s a few snapshots of some of the house improvements that have happened – namely a patio area so we can actual enjoy sitting outside instead of wet grass and mud! Of course, always good timing from my perspective, just in time for winter…. (hah!).

Come November’s update, we’ll include some photo’s of the Christmas decorations. I’m a bit of a ‘sucker’ for Christmas – I really enjoy the spirit of it, putting up the decorations and sharing times with friends and family. Hoping that the UK Government will allow that this year and I hope that people are sensible about it! (I.E. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear best to stay at home).