Wahoo! Absolutely buzzing – glad I managed to hit this target before the end of the year! I was wondering whether I was going to be able to hit this target, but given the US elections and vaccine news, it has certainly led to a quick upsurge in my investments at least!

Here’s a screenshot of those investments from the Vanguard dashboard! And the graph below represents the journey so far in these savings:

I started from literally nothing back in August 2018 where I was just casually putting a few hundred tucked away for a ‘rainy day’. At that point, I had no idea about FIRE or the ability to essentially ‘buy back’ my time in later years. On January 2019 I decided it was time to embark on the journey – from watching 300 odd YouTube videos (hah! – and I still do look out for them to keep mind focused) about FIRE and reading into it, I was ready to set sail.