Howdy folks – Another month swings on by, February of course being a bit of a shorter month! At work we call this a bit of an annoying month as statistical data on a month by month comparison normally looks down / depressing being a few days shorter. Less visitors, less sales for our clients! I’ve been stacked with work, life and getting fit and healthy. I’ve grown somewhat of a lockdown belly and was starting to feel a little sluggish and slow. Brain fog was the worst part of it – especially when you’re simply waking up, walking to your computer, working for 12 hours a day, eating at the desk and then going to bed. Something had to change and well, so did my lifestyle.

I’ve adopted and decided to work on changing my eating habits towards the Keto / Mediterranean food lifestyle. After many many hours of research, not just something I chose on a whim like a diet, the research and evidence I looked through and reviewed many medical studies about the benefits of this lifestyle is far far better than my current lifestyle.  I’m actually about 1 week into it so far, cleared out all of the cupboards full of refined sugar, processed carbs and any other crap that had become part of my eating regime. Since then I’ve have been searching for numerous recipes, ideas, improving my own cooking knowledge to really ensure I maximise my knowledge of what’s good and what’s not. You’d be amazed at just how much sugar is in every day food items. I’ve read so much about it and the history of why in the 70’s the world changed to a low fat diet and high sugar based on flawed and undisputed research of one man (Ancel Keys). For one of many summary videos about the whole lifetstyle, check out this video below. It really does touch on many many of the areas regarding low carbohydrate lifestyles;

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed so far? I feel full up much much longer after a meal, literally. Before I could quite happily smash down a good sized Domino’s pizza to find that about 3 hours later I’d be hungry again. With the increase in healthy fats from fish, avocado’s, nuts, seeds etc my food satisfaction has really super high. I’m not looking at this like a diet, but more of a lifestyle change.

I shall post some progress / results in the up and coming updates on how things have been progressing for me.

February 2021 | Investment

Markets have been showing good growth in my well diversified Vanguard Global All Cap investment. With January reaching a total value of investments of £177,034 I’ve now broken past the £192,160 mark! Fantastic, soon to be hitting the £200,000 mark and celebrate!

I transferred my terrible workplace pension across to Vanguard as well – my pension pot was sitting around £20,000 and each year I will continue to do so. The issue is that employer pension choices are shockingly terrible. The one that the business we have is with True Potential which are their own ‘off the shelf’ funds. In the last 2 years on a ‘risk heavy’ (in their definition) portfolio, the gains have been 4%… in 2 years! Given the increase seen in Vanguard Global All Cap a well diversified fund that meets my level of risk tolerance evenly proportionate towards market cap and sector, I’m quite happy to continue going into this.

How are those figures looking?

Total Income: £12,000.00
Total Saved (?): £9,800.00
Total Expenses: £3,568.00

Savings (%): 73%

I’m still on track to reach the £250,000 mark by the end of 2021! A slightly more expensive month unfortunately. The electric van failed it’s MOT! Oh yes, electric cars can fail. The front side rear bush arm needed replacing and 2 new tyres along with typical servicing and MOT costs. That put me £700 down. Alongside the usual mortgage, insurances, regular monthly payments my expenses would be under £2,000 for the month.

Super glad that I’ve managed to also pay off the looming tax bill. February is honestly such a crap month (even though it’s my birth month) on the basis that all tax for the year is owed straight after Christmas. Anyway, our duties have been paid both personal and business and we look forward to the year ahead with hoping to come out of Coronavirus lockdown and enjoy some time with friends and family!

Garden Updates

It’s seedling season! Planting seeds like a mad man at the moment. I’m also preserving all of the plastic pots from last year and doing my part to recycle and reuse anything I’ve grown in.

Our good friend Ninja over at recently asked about the garden and since then I’ve received a few messages from people about the garden and what not which is fantastic! If you’re like me and sit in front of a computer all day for hours upon end, gardening is my escape and relaxation. I personally don’t include it in my FIRE plans and I just don’t think gardening, even though I’m sure you could, should be considered in the plan of FIRE (in the thought of growing your own vegetables and saving money). I believe that’s the wrong way to look at it whilst instead I tend to focus on the benefits of the health side of things – being outdoors, eating organic home grown food, the satisfaction that I’ve grown this and that. That is what really has made me a bit of a garden addict (plus I am starting to get this sort of resentment towards anything electronic / digital) 😀 – call me old fashioned, but working in it every day sure has taken off the charm for me!

But anyway, enough of my ranting – here’s a few pictures to share;


Anyway hope everyone here has had a pleasant February and look forward in catching up!