Call me crazy. I am, or I feel like I’m walking into that typical FOMO trap. Fortunately I still have some sanity left and have put my entire life savings into Crypto…

….Of course I haven’t! I’m not quite that insane from lockdown. That would put me on edge however and when you see people that do, my god the pressure would be insane! Though I’ve wanted to experience the Crypto side of things so I’ve essentially treated the £1,000 investment that I have put in as ‘money down the drain’. You hear about the news talking about the crazy gains and slumps of this market and with many success stories (and also very depressing stories) I thought to myself, why not.

This seems somewhat of a gamble to me and it is really. But with some crazy gains and with this ‘relatively’ small amount in my lifetime, I thought why not. Only live once right?

Well hopefully this post can act as a bit of a ‘learning experience’ if you were also thinking the same. The moment I invested the money, the currencies that I’ve invested in have all seen a drop by around 7% (insert face palm emoji here). I clearly have a good knack for this… I’m simply going to leave it, report on it each month and see where it takes me.

Some of the ground rules I’ve set myself:

  • £1,000 ONLY, if even there is temptation to invest more.
  • Time Frame – 1 year, let’s see where it goes!

Here’s what I’ve invested in:

Phwaor, I’m clearly doing really well straight off the bat!

Will include in my monthly financial updates and see where it takes me.

Cheers for now!