Just a few quick updates this end regarding month of May….

ISA Filled Up (2021/22)

Even though April was a bit of a stormer of a month, May has been much quieter in terms of steaming ahead with savings etc. All of it has gone into Index Funds, mainly the FTSE Global All Cap provided by Vanguard. Personally I think Vanguard should do something a little more ‘celebratory’ with when people manage to reach a goal! Perhaps an area where people can login and set their own savings targets?

Bathrooms (Getting stripped out).

We’ve instructed the builders to start stripping out the bathroom. So far so good, apart from the noise and what not. They’re bloody hard workers and the company I’ve used have lots of good reviews (so here’s hoping!).

We’re getting both bathrooms done so anticipating it’ll be around 3 weeks worth of work.

Garden is coming along!

May is certainly proving to be a bit of a ‘growth’ month in terms of the vegetables. Take a look at some of the below pictures.

The weather has been so wet recently and it’s certainly worked against some of the vegetables – particularly the cucumbers, which you would think would enjoy wet soil (far from it) – they are supposedly very prone to rotting! (and as you can see mine don’t look very happy at all!). Fortunately there’s still time to sow some more and see how they go.

The Foot!

Pleased to report that my foot is much much better now. I can’t walk for long distances on it until it get’s red hot, but I can actually walk relatively normally. It’s been almost 2 months off it. Still doing lots of stretching and flexibility exercises to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

That’s it folks, thanks for dropping on by!