Life Update

Howdy folks! Yikes better late then never I say, sorry about the lateness of the post! I’ve been a bit behind on the times recently. Everything has just caught up on me from work, to home, to personal bits and pieces. I’m now fully vaccinated with Pzifer. Had the second jab only a few weeks ago and I felt slightly ‘rougher’ on the 2nd one compared to the 1st one – just tiredness really and a sore arm.

We have had both of our bathrooms upgraded upstairs – our ensuite and main bathroom. In total, the builders were here for 5 weeks as it was a complete ‘strip out’ and ‘install’.

Keto Lifestyle

I am continuing with my Keto / Low Carbohydrate lifestyle, focusing on continually learning about health and nutrition. For me, I’m not turning back at all. I simply feel too good being on this lifestyle change – more energy at night, feeling happier, stable levels of energy. I’m such a big advocate as I originally thought ‘oh it’s another one of these fad type lifestyle changes’ but for me, it has worked absolute wonders. 

I am now down 29kg in total since the beginning of March 2021. My weight loss has certainly plateaued and I have had to go to the shops a few times just to get some new jeans, shorts and t-shirts! I haven’t quite reached my goal of 90kg but I am getting there – just 10kg away now. 

Crypto Currency

You know that post I did a few months ago about a Crypto currency experiment? Essentially I lumped in £1,000 into a mixture of Crypto Currencies to go with the flow. Something relatively small (over a life time) on joining the bang wagon with the majority.

Well, unsurprisingly, I am in the red. I am actually incredibly skilful of choosing shares, cryptocurrencies, stocks that immediately when I buy they tank. Really what I should’ve done is just shorted and totally reversed my thinking!

Here’s the breakdown of what I’m invested in. It’s changed and modified slightly, even with the platform because the original platform that I was with had these ridiculous / crazy amounts of steps to withdraw your money, ringing some alarm bells. So now, I’ve transferred all across to etoro.

Anyway… Look at those glorious red figures! 😀 – I’m just awaiting and seeing at the moment with these cryptocurrencies, simply on the basis that if the hype train comes along again, I would hope to break event!

Garden Update

As always it’s an absolute joy to be out in the garden, picking and harvesting your own fruits of labour. I’ve had numerous cucumbers, swedes, onions so far with tomatoes soon following behind. Here’s a few update pictures 🙂

Financial Update | June 2021

So how have those financials been looking for the month of June?

Income | £8,451

Income has continued to relatively stable, given that we had a bit of a stonker of a month earlier in the year.

Expenses | £3,848

Again my expenses were just slightly higher than usual. I had to pay for the air conditioning unit that we had installed in our office, along with a few other home bits and pieces. Though I am bloody grateful that I did get it installed – working without air con at home would be similar to that of a sauna, particularly in this crazy heatwave here in the UK (reaching 33 degrees C)

Savings | £4,525

Equalling a savings rate of 54% – bah, slightly under my goal of 65% but still very happy with the amount that has been saved for the month of June.

Investment Graph


Onwards and upwards and hopefully a little more on time with the next blog post!

Thanks all.