It feels absolutely bizarre writing this post, knowing that I have over £250,000+ sitting in the account. I would’ve never expected to, in a million years to save this level of money given that I was a bit of a spender on cars, electronics and useless tat (now come to think of it). It seems almost unreal to me that since January 2019 where I had about £500 to my name, to now see it climb up this quickly.

If I can average £250,000 every 2 years then crikey, I would be absolutely dead chuffed with that progress. But with recent bubbling going on and speculation of hyperinflation and all the other financial gossip, and with the market in a bull like state for so long, how long can this growth keep going until it comes tumbling down on itself? It makes you ponder for a second and for those that have FIRE’d I imagine quite terrifying.

But as with true British spirit, we shall keep calm and carry on. The Index Fund I’m invested in is diverse over 2,500 stocks – if those stocks were to drop to zero, then there would certainly be bigger issues going on in the world!