Life Update

Good day all!

Time must be speeding up as it genuinely feels like I only just wrote a blog post in relation to my September’s saving report!

Overall things are as per normal this end. I’ve almost cut out all News from my life and genuinely feeling much better for it. Making the decision that it just simply isn’t worth knowing about how ‘Marcaron’ (French President) is supposedly causing us issues regarding the Fishing rights or how much profit big pharma is making over COVID-19.

I’ve also started to ensure that at-least a few nights per week, I spend away from the computer screen. Our internet went down a few times during October (power outages / ISP problems) and we found it relaxing not to be ‘connected 24/7’. We even watched some daytime TV! (And admitedly found it quite enjoyable 😀 ) Therefore going to start looking at ensuring we ‘disconnect’ from the online sphere a few times per week.

Crypto Gamble

So remember I put in £1000 into Crypto Currency just as a ‘one off’ type gamble? I don’t understand it nor do I understand the price fluctuations and how movements in the price of a single coin can affect other coins etc. 

So I gambled, probably one of the worst things you can do in investing right? 

Well it’s paid off (a bit). 

Here’s a quick look at the portfolio on 1st November. Shiba has gone through the roof and luckily I was in it before it did. Nothing special, just quite simply pure luck. The value of it of the initial $500 I’ve put into it has increased now to $2,000. It is actually madness!

Etherium I’ve only heard good things about regarding the technology that the coin uses. Will crypto currency really be the future of money exchange? The principle of it is pretty sound. Who knows!

Will I invest more than £1000 into it? No, as tempting as it is, I’ve been incredible lucky this time around and this is all down to pure luck.

Will I sell? Probably not > go with the flow right! Sure, an additional $1,800 profit is nice onto of what I put in, but what about the potential right? (I’ve put this money in as a gamble, so will treat it like such!) 

Financial Update | October 2021

So how have those financials been looking for the month of September?

Income | £10,201

Income has continued to relatively stable and averaging around £8,000 per month.

Expenses | £2,848

Expenses were a little higher this month due to advanced payments for a tax bill (incoming in February) and also a credit card payment as well. Overall, happy that I’m keeping my expenses below £3,000 p/m, as this also includes my Mortgage and all bills as well!

Savings | £5,775

Equalling a savings rate of 57% – A little below my usual of 60%+ and aiming ideally to have a average of 65%. With inflation rising though, I imagine it’s going to affect the numbers slightly.

Investment Growth | £14,672

Weee! It’s been an absolute bumper of a month, considering that last month was a bit of a stall, October has certainly seen things move up in the right direction. The total pot now sits on £284,178!

Investment Graph


In November I’m going to be focusing on getting the Christmas shopping done and dusted well in advance of Christmas. We do have a holiday planned that is up and coming and can’t wait to get away to the sun.

I’m aiming / wanting to keep figures above 60% saving rate and soon before we know it, it’ll be the end of 2021, hopefully waving goodbye to COVID-19 and seeing 2022 which will be a much more positive and productive year!

Wishing you all the best.