Life Update

I’m finally starting to feel that ‘caught up’ feeling again, after a real hectic few months. Just life, work, home, holidays, hobbies – it’s all a bit built up!

There is definitely something brewing on the horizon, whether recession or not, who knows, but it feels like there’s turmoil to come.

The business is continuing to do very well – a few clients have seemed to begun to reign in the spending, whilst we are still finding new clients. Google continue to push algorithm update after algorithm update, which is causing an accelerated chain reaction in the amount of grey hairs I’m developing.

Financial Update | July 2022

So how have those financials been looking for the month?

Income | £7,576

Expenses | £3,081

More and more expenses unfortunately, particularly the garden office which needed a few bits and pieces purchasing. I’ll be writing up a separate post for this, given that we’ve invested close to £20,000 in a separate space away from the house / home working.

My initial belief is that it is 100% worth it, and it still is, particularly from the ‘mental’ side of separating work from the home. Of course, financially, it may have set me back a year or two.

Savings | £3,775

Representing a 65% savings rate which is pretty neat! I do genuinely though feel like the raising costs are starting to pinch a little on this savings rate. Nothing to the point that I’m eating rice and beans of course for the next month, but to the point that you just notice shopping / food / general household items going up in costs.

Investment Growth | £24,390

Woweee! Have seen some fantastic growth this month. However, looking solely at just this year (January 1st 2022 to July 2022) my investments (in total) have returned -1.25% (-£4,000) essentially, so overall, in the year to date, we are ‘still down’. Just shows how much of a turbulent year and potentially another turbulent year we may find ourselves in!

Investment Graph